Dog boarding

Dog boarding

Services, reservations & rates

Kennel size options for dogs.

Kennel size options for dogs.

Option 1:

All rates are per night:

*$36 one dog *$56 two dogs sharing a suite from the same household

For Pets that enjoy the outdoors 4’ x 22’ indoor/outdoor suite Fully separated to ensure privacy inside and out A large outdoor patio for exercise and sunning


Option 2:

All rates are per night:

*$32 one dog *$52 two dogs sharing a suite from the same household

For Pets that prefer being indoors 5’ x 10’ indoor suite Fully separated to ensure privacy Plenty of room for rest and relaxation

All suites offer ample room for elimination if needed. Potty breaks are offered twice daily for our guests that prefer to eliminate in a more natural surrounding. If you have multiple dogs you may choose to board them side-by-side or together in the same suite.


What’s included?

  • A yummy well balanced diet two times per day
  • Bowls are provided
  • Morning and afternoon potty walks
  • Fresh water filled throughout the day
  • Cleaned well maintained suites
  • Administering medications (nominal fee for injections – see below)
  • Love and attention!!



Clients are always welcome to bring the diet that your dog is currently eating at home. Maintaining your dog on the food it is familiar with can be beneficial, especially in dogs with a sensitive digestive system.


  • Food should be in a waterproof container labeled with your pets name, and your last name.
  • Please limit the amount you bring to what is required for your pet’s stay.
  • Pre-bagging their portions for each meal is preferred.

Personal property:

  • We will allow waterproof toys brought into the facility, we ask you limit this to 2 toys. Acres of Fun is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal items belonging to your pet. (leashes, collars, toys, waterproof bedding)
  • Please do not bring toys, beds or blankets that are cloth as they will saturate water.
  • Please do not bring in items that are valuable or irreplaceable.
  • Please label all items left with the pet’s name and your last name with a permanent marker.

Flea Treatments:

To ensure a flea-free environment for all pets, each guest is administered a Capstar upon arrival, which is an oral medication that eliminates fleas. Capstar is a pill that when ingested, kills fleas within 30 minutes. It is not a preventative against fleas, it only kills the fleas that could currently be on your dog. It does not interfere with any current monthly preventative you administer to your dog, nor will it cause any complications with any medication your dog is currently taking.  $9.00


  • Insulin Injections: $3.00 per injection

*Prices subject to change without notice

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