Cancellation policy


Please note:

CANCELLATION POLICY: To cancel a reservation, notice must be given to the kennel during business hours, not less than 1 week (7 days) prior to boarding. Any less notice will result in a two-night charge.

EARLY PICK-UP POLICY Pertaining to weekends:

If you are scheduled for a Sunday check out, and you want to pick up early, we need 48 hours notice ahead of the date that you want to pick up. Otherwise you are charged for the time reserved.

The kennel will not be held responsible for items left with pets such as toys, bones, food, containers, flea collars, leashes & collars, and anything you drop off not mentioned here.

It is understood that this agreement binds both parties for all pets boarded after the date of this agreement


No, please don't cancel my play date! :(

What?! No, please don’t cancel my play date! 🙁