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Kennel living can be stressful for any dog. Our goal goes beyond reducing kennel stress, we want to eliminate it. In everything we do while your pet is in our care, we know your pet will feel comfortable, cared for, wanted and loved. Our success is evident when returning canine clients race to the office to greet us like old friends. We are especially proud of our success with dogs that have had bad kennel experiences in the past, or no kennel experience at all. Feel free to call us with special concerns you have about your pet. We can accommodate almost any special diet, medication regimen, exercise requirement, or behavioral problem.

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There are no Check-ins on Sundays. We have check outs available from 4-4:30 (4-5:30 during peak times. Call for details.) There is always a full day charge when picking up on Sunday.  You may pick up Monday 8:30-Noon for the same fee. (excluding Holiday Mondays)

NEW: Conditions of Acceptance of Pet to be Boarded for both new and existing customers:

Note: This contract was uploaded in May of 2017. If you have not signed a contract before or if the one you signed is older than this one please sign this one and bring it in.

Please download, fill out, print and bring this contract and pet questionnaire with you the next time you bring your pet for boarding.


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