Acres of Fun Kennel offers safe and extremely clean lodging for all pets within our care, but at affordable rates. You will not find a more elite dog kennel in Central Virginia. Tours are encouraged and welcomed. See for yourself what sets us apart from others. Our canine accommodations offer all the services you would expect for your dog- clean, comfortable, climate controlled enclosed surroundings under the attentive eye of our loving staff. We are dedicated to giving each dog one on one attention to ensure all of our guests enjoy their vacation while away from home. Kennel living can be stressful for any dog. Our goal goes beyond reducing kennel stress, we want to eliminate it. In everything we do while your pet is in our care, we know your pet will feel comfortable, cared for, wanted and loved. Our success is evident when returning canine clients race to the office to greet us like old friends. We are especially proud of our success with dogs that have had bad kennel experiences in the past, or no kennel experience at all. Feel free to call us with special concerns you have about your dog. We can accommodate almost any special diet, medication regimen, exercise requirement, or behavioral problem.



Our dog boarding facility offers extra-large accommodations that are comfortable and well maintained. We offer two spacious options.

Option 1:

Kennel size options for dogs.

For Pets that enjoy the outdoors 4’ x 22’ indoor/outdoor suite Fully separated to ensure privacy inside and out A large outdoor patio for exercise and sunning

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Option 2:

For Pets that prefer being indoors 5’ x 10’ indoor suite Fully separated to ensure privacy Plenty of room for rest and relaxation

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All suites offer ample room for elimination if needed. Potty breaks are offered twice daily for our guests that prefer to eliminate in a more natural surrounding. If you have multiple dogs you may choose to board them side-by-side or together in the same suite.

*if your pet has a favorite hard bone, kong, or nylabone type toy, feel free to bring them along. We do not accept stuffed animal type toys because they tend not to fare quite as well.  Please limit to 2 toys.


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We have specifically designed individual accommodations recognizing the different needs of our feline guests, to make your cat’s stay as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Feline guests have condo suites located in a separate area tailored especially for them. Your cats can enjoy a climate controlled room with natural sunlight from all angles. Each condo suite has three levels for maximum comfort. Each accommodation includes a litter box, (with fresh litter changed daily), food and bowls are provided. Bedding is provided on the third story for your pet’s ultimate comfort. Food should be in a waterproof container labeled with your pets name, and your last name. Please limit the amount you bring to what is required for your pet’s stay. Pre-bagging their portions for each meal is preferred.

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Cleaning and Sanitation:

Between each pet transition, every surface in each suite is cleaned and sanitized with a commercial grade disinfectant. This step kills odor-causing bacteria and viruses such as Parvo and Bordetella. This process leaves the facility smelling odor-neutral and promotes a healthy and safe environment for your pet.

Pamper Your Pet

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We offer Frosty Paws and Rawhide bones for those who would like a tasty treat.


For sanitation purposes we ask that you do not bring your pets own stuffed bedding (unless it is water-proof). However, we are pleased to offer 3 different types of bedding options, designed to keep the dogs up off the concrete.


Every dog can enjoy supervised outside activity.