For the benefit of your pet, We recommend that you bring their own food in pre-measured and pre-marked zip lock baggies to maintain your pet’s normal diet. This also helps prevent upset stomachs. However, we do provide house food for $3/per day/per pet.


When providing your own pet’s food, the food should be in a waterproof container labeled with your pets name, and your last name. Please limit the amount you bring to what is required for your pet’s stay. Pre-bagging their portions for each meal is preferred. We will feed your pet according to your instructions. Bowls are provided. 

Medication Policy:

There is an additional charge for medicine administrations: Oral/Topical administration (2 meds up to twice a day) $3.00 per day.

Oral/Topical administration (more than 2 meds or more frequent administration) $5.00 per day.

Injectable medications are $5 per injection.