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Frequently Asked Questions - Acres of Fun Kennel

Frequently Asked Questions



1. How do I select a good kennel for my pets?

Before boarding your pet, we strongly encourage pet owners to take the time to visit any boarding facilities that you might be considering. Don’t just visit the office area; insist on seeing the actual kennel area where the pets are boarded. Are the kennels and surrounding areas clean?

Show up to tour the boarding facility unannounced with no appointment. Be sure you come during their posted business hours. Be skeptical of any kennel that insists that you make a specific appointment to tour or allows you to tour at a specified time. What are they hiding?

When you arrive to tour, you should be able to go throughout the entire kennel. You will be surprised to find that many boarding facilities will not allow you to actually go throughout the kennel facility. They may take you to a window for viewing the kennel area instead. This is a good reason to be skeptical.

A SANITARY KENNEL WILL HAVE COMPLETE SEPARATION BETWEEN EACH DOG. For example: Kennels offering only chain link all the way to the ground as a means of separation is not only unsanitary, but it poses a danger to your pet. This also causes intimidation and stress among each other.

Another very important point: The chain link should be smooth coated (silk fencing) and no larger than 1 inch in diameter. The 3-inch chain link does not offer enough protection between pets to keep their little noses and paws safe.



2. Who is there after hours or on holidays or weekends?

This is what really sets us apart from other facilities. Our Posted business hours are only for the office (handling calls, check-in and check-out) The owners live on the property that tend to our guests 7 days a week 24/7 365 days a year. If we have a major storm after hours, the owners are there to ensure everyone is fine.


3. Will my dog or cat ever be mixed with other dogs or cats?

No, there are many facilities that promote group playtimes and frequently blend many dogs together in a communal play area. We think the practice of blending dogs or cats from different families, are potentially harmful to the pets and staff. We prefer to provide all of our guests with as much human contact as possible.


4. What if there is an emergency medical problem?

We have several excellent veterinarians in very close proximity to our facility, along with 2
emergency facilities all night and on holidays. We treat every guest as we would our own children and will assure them the best attention available.


5. My dog is an escape artist, and is always getting away, how can you keep from losing my dog?

First, it is very important to tell us about your dog’s tendencies to jump or climb. We have suites set aside that are fully covered to ensure the safety of your pet.


6. My little dog is intimidated by big dogs. Will my dog be comfortable in your suites?

Unlike many kennels that use only chain link to separate the pets from each other, Acres of Fun uses solid cement and or stainless steel paneling to separate our suites. So from the dogs perspective they have no neighbors, this makes their suite very safe and secure.


7. Can I bring my pet’s personal bedding?

For sanitation purposes we ask that you do not bring your pet’s own bedding (unless it is waterproof). However, we do offer 3 different types of bedding, designed to keep the dogs up off the concrete.


8. Can I bring toys and treats for my pets?

Yes, we encourage you to bring any treats and or rubber toys, as cloth toys tend not to fare as well.  Limit to 2 toys.


9. Do I need to bring my pet’s food?

No, at Acres of Fun we provide a well-balanced regular protein dry food. Canned food is also available for finicky eaters. Clients are always welcome to bring the diet that your dog is currently eating at home. Maintaining your pet on the food it is familiar with can be beneficial especially in pets with a sensitive digestive system. Please note: If you choose to provide your own pets food, the food should be in a waterproof container labeled with your pets name, and your last name. Please limit the amount you bring to what is required for your pet’s stay. Pre-bagging their portions for each meal is preferred.


10. Is the kennel area climate controlled?

Yes, we have forced air propane heat along with radiant heating systems for the winter months. In the summer months we have ceiling fans and several fresh air exchange systems to keep all pets comfortable.


11. Will my pet come home with fleas?

No, Every pet gets a capstar upon check in, to eliminate any possibility of fleas.


12. My dog will not go potty in his run, will this be a problem?

No, all pets are let out individually to ensure the health of your pet.
All suites offer ample room for elimination if needed. Potty breaks are offered twice daily for our guests that prefer to eliminate in a more natural surrounding.


13. What must I bring when checking in my dog?

Proof of current vaccinations from your vet and emergency contact.


14. I am really nervous as my pet has never boarded before.

Taking a tour is the first step in easing your concerns about leaving your pet. We pride ourselves on the quality of our facility, the special hands on care, comfortable accommodations and personalized activities that we offer. Your pets will adapt well and enjoy the wonderful experience here at Acres of Fun with our loving family.


15. What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 48-hour notice for all cancellations, to avoid a 2-night charge.


16. What do you mean by an indoor kennel? Will my dog go outside?

The 5 x 10’ indoor suites are indoors and fully enclosed. All pets are offered potty breaks twice daily for our guests that prefer to eliminate in a more natural surrounding, no matter which suite you chose. If desired, you may add additional playtimes.


17. Do you charge all your services separately (boarding, walk, playtime, treats, baths, etc.)?

Yes, we have separated the charges for each of our services for the convenience of those who want to minimize their costs.


18. What shots does my pet need to come to your facility?

Canines: Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella, Rabies
Felines: FVRCP, Rabies


19. How can I prove my pets have up-to-date vaccinations?

A veterinarian record can be faxed prior to boarding, or you may bring in a copy when checking in.


20. Is there a check-out time? When do the charges change?

Sunday afternoon pick-up is from 4:00-5:30 during peak times and 4:00-4:30 during non peak.
This is a convenience for clients who wish to pick up on Sunday or are not able to pick-up on Monday. IF YOU CHOOSE TO PICK UP ON SUNDAY YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR SUNDAY BOARDING. If you pick up Monday by noon it will be the same price.(Excluding holidays that fall on Monday) – Boarding charges begin on the day of drop off regardless of time. There is always a full day charge when picking up on Sunday. Please note this…..if you drop off your pet on a Saturday and pick up on a Sunday it is a 2 day charge. There is no charge for departure day Monday-Saturday if you pick up by 12 noon. Any pet who remains beyond 12 noon will incur an additional half day charge.


21. Why must I pay extra for exercise periods for my pet?

We have separated the charges for each of our services for the convenience of those who want to minimize their costs.


22. What is included in Play Times for my pet?

Playtime consist of 15 minute sessions that include but not limited to playing fetch, tug of war, extra love and attention in our securely fenced yard.


23. Must my pet be spayed or neutered?

No, because we do not co-mingle pets from different families, so this is not an issue.


24. Do you have any breed restrictions?



25. Is someone on the premises at night?

Yes, Owner on premises 24/7. We closely monitor the pets even in the evening. We do not go away at 6pm and return at 7am the next day. There is always someone here!


26. Can you give my pet medications?

Acres of Fun Kennel understands that some pets have special needs and or medication. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your pet is taken care of and provided for. This is a sampling of special needs that can be accommodated free of charge:

• Medications
• Supplements
• Extra feeding times
• Food from home
• Special meal preparation
• Treats from home

*there is a nominal fee of $2.00 per injection.


27. Can I pick up/drop off on Sunday’s or after hours?

We do not have drop off times on Sunday, however we do have hours for pick up. We are open Mon-Sat for drop off and pick up. A service charge will be assessed for any other hours.


28. How many times does my dog get outside?

Every pet is taken out individually 2 times per day. Playtimes may be added for an additional fee.


29. Do you have group playtime?

No, for the safety of your pet we do not offer group playtime. There are many facilities that promote group playtimes and frequently blend many dogs together in a communal play area. We think the practice of blending dogs or cats from different families is potentially harmful to the pets and staff. We prefer to provide all of our guests with as much human contact as possible.


30. Can someone else pick up my pet?

You may have someone pick up your pet as long as we are notified in advance and payment arrangements have been made.


31. Can I call to check on my pets?

You are welcome to call anytime and check on your pet.


32. What is the youngest age for boarding?

8 weeks old


33. Do you have a veterinarian on premises?

No, but we do have several veterinarians nearby.


34. Do you offer pick-up and delivery service?



35. My dog is in heat; can you board her?

Yes, because all pets are kept separate, we do not co-mingle pets from different families.


36. Can I take a tour of your facility?

Yes, during our regular business hours, no appointment time needed!